Local Man Wins Landmark Murder Case with “He Insulted My Mother” Defence.


KINGSTON – Local teacher Richard Byfield was acquitted on charges of first degree murder this afternoon in what has been described as a landmark ruling for the Jamaican justice system.

Byfield, 28, who admits to stabbing Andrew Johnson 15 times on October 3rd, walked out of court today exonerated and in “good spirits.” His attorney, Jacqueline Fletcher, hailed the ruling as significant for every honourable Jamaican who would literally defend their mother to the death. “My client of course still mourns the tragic death of his coworker, but it is clear that once the deceased ordered Mr. Byfield to perform sexual acts with his mother that he had no choice but to take matters into his own hands” said Fletcher, who thanked the jury for “letting common sense prevail.”

After the acquittal Byfield declined to speak to the press, but our sources say he is still recovering from the ordeal as the insult to his mother has taken a heavy toll on his health. Attention will now turn to the civil suit Byfield has levied against Johnson’s estate, with Fletcher claiming that her client may be owed millions in damages.

When reached for comment the mother of the accused, Mavis Byfield, said she remained confused by her son’s actions, “because this Johnson fellow didn’t even know me personally.”

“Seriously,” she later added, “What’s the big deal?”