Trauma Sinks In as Man Realises He Just Washed Girlfriend’s Underwear


TRELAWNY – What began as a routine laundry day for innocent local mechanic Donovan Simpson, 29, quickly turned into one of the most traumatic moments of his life when the heartless monster who claimed to love him committed the ultimate act of betrayal.

The harrowing tale of deception and survival began two weeks before on what Simpson assumed would be a regular Saturday afternoon at his humble country home. “It’s all a blur. I remember watching football while Sherene [cooked] breakfast. It was… I think it was ackee. I can’t even look at ackee anymore,” says the Falmouth Hospital patient, who is currently on bed rest at the intensive care unit. “I can’t even look at myself.”

“Maybe I should have seen it coming,” admits Simpson, barely able to mask the pain behind his eyes. “I was so naïve.”

Sources say that on the day in question, Sherene Davis, Simpson’s girlfriend of five years, informed him that she added some of her clothes to his dirty laundry pile and asked him to remove everything at the end of the wash cycle. Unable to detect any hint of foul play, the unsuspecting Simpson acquiesced, a decision he will regret for the rest of his life.

According to Simpson, it was then that “the Delilah” departed for work, leaving him alone to face what he insists was an act of pure, unconscionable malice.

“While emptying the machine I found not one, but two thoroughly washed panties. They looked brand new,” he said, trying and failing to hold it together. “Nobody deserves that. Nobody.”

Simpson, still reeling from the sheer cleanliness of the panties, believes that was the moment that he passed out, waking up hours later in a hospital bed, delirious and looking for answers. “How can I ever look my [brethrens] in the eye again? They’ll know I’m not the same Donovan,” said the trembling victim. “They’ll know.”

Reports indicate that when Ms. Davis arrived at their home later that day, she was herself horrified by the freshly washed panties. “No self respecting woman wants to be with someone who would do what that animal did.” says Sherene, who immediately broke up with the ex-love of her life. “I’ll never trust another man again.”