Mysterious Digicel Logo Appears on Forehead of Infant Prodigy

TRELAWNY – Young Cindy McKenzie, who started walking after 5 months and running after 7, has been touted as the next big thing in Track and Field, but her parents report that telecom giant Digicel may have been a little presumptuous after their discovery of a fresh, permanently embedded Digicel logo plastered on the forehead of their 18-month-old daughter.

“We knew Cindy was being approached for sponsorship deals, but this wasn’t part of the plan,” said the tearful Denise McKenzie, mother of the future track star, while trying to pull a brand new Gimme 5 pacifier from her daughter’s mouth.

Representatives at Digicel have reportedly responded by confirming that while the company is responsible for the still healing tattoo, the entire sponsorship process was completely above board.

“Digicel agreed to sponsor Cindy because we believe in nurturing young Jamaican talent,” explained Sponsorship and Development Manager Thomas Pinnock, who has been explicitly instructed to refrain from using the terms ‘child’ and ‘abuse’ within two words of each other. “Our reps met with the toddler at her nursery for discussions on multiple occasions, so nobody can claim that the young lady didn’t know.”

Pinnock later added that the tattoo, “which only covers half of her forehead, by the way” is the next logical step in Digicel’s bid to “really leave our stamp on Jamaica.”

“Some would have us giving athletes merchandise with our logo instead, but she’s a growing girl,” continued Pinnock. “Michael O’Hara has to request new shirts from us every time he goes up a size, but Cindy will never have to go through that kind of pain. She belongs to Digicel now. And Jamaica will never, ever forget that.”

Sources claim that the company has since paid off the mortgage on the McKenzie house as a show of good faith, but the prodigy’s mother remains skeptical about the large red D now painted on her front door. “That stands for Denise,” said Pinnock when reached for comment, and the company has since reminded her of this on an hourly basis via their customary battery of relentless text messages.