Rejected Request for Official Date Explained Away as Typo


Local insurance broker Anthony Harrison, 28, was today forced to correct his obviously confused friend Shara Bailey, 25, after she mistakenly took his suggestion to “go out for dinner alone, just the two of [them]” as an invitation for a possible romantic encounter.

Harrison admitted that he was a little embarassed for his purely platonic friend of several years following the autocorrect misunderstanding, but expressed the hope that Bailey would soon be able to recover from the shame of rejecting someone who was only asking about her availability for a friendly night out with, as he clarified, “just the ten of [them] lol. As in [their] whole friend group.”

The self proclaimed nice guy later assured UGS that while Ms. Bailey would have had the time of her life if she went out with him, instead of the usual “assholes,” he had simply never thought of her that way.

“A date? We’ve been friends for as long as I can remember, why would I want that?” asked Harrison, who reportedly went on to advise Bailey to refrain from flattering herself. “Shara is like a sister to me, which is why I was there for her when she recently broke up with her boyfriend. I wonder if she even remembers any of that.”

Sources confirmed that Bailey, who had long learned to accept Harrison’s longer-than-necessary hugs and subtle reminders that a good man was probably right under her nose, waited for over an hour before rejecting the “accidental” date proposal in order to give him the opportunity to explain that he perhaps unintentionally messaged the wrong Shara.

“I even sent him a ‘lol’. Just a ‘lol’. You know, to make things clear,” said a visibly distraught Bailey. “He replied with a winking emoji. My only hope is that we can both move past this and pretend it never happened.”

Several hours after the exchange, and following the realization that Bailey’s “sorry, don’t think so” response was probably meant to be taken flirtatiously, Harrison reportedly sent a passionate series of late night drunk texts which were later denied as the work of one of his “idiot friends.”

He later added that the friend, who is allegedly yet to return his phone, is “weirdly” convinced that the pair would make a lovely couple, and having not received a reply to date, asked if Bailey really didn’t have anything to say about that.