Family in Shock as Unrestrained Dog Bites New Houseguest

KINGSTON – Local high school teacher Claudia Rainford, 38, was reportedly left shocked and confused today following her untrained animal’s completely unforeseen attack on coworker and first-time guest Keisha Levy, especially considering that the dog was explicitly asked to “behave [itself]” not moments before he viciously attacked the stranger.

Sources reveal that Carlo, the Rainford family dog, charged at Levy “without warning” and uncharacteristically took a bite out of her calf, despite Rainford’s many annoyed assurances that the pet was only “playing around like he always does” and would most likely do her guest no harm.

UGS has since caught up with Levy, 32, in an effort to find out what she must have done to provoke the German Shepherd/Rottweiler mix to act on its instincts and protect its home from the intruder who ignored all his clear signals not to enter his territory.

“He’s usually peaceful once me or one of the children are around.” said an awestruck Rainford to Levy in the aftermath of the incident. “Wait, did you look directly at him? He doesn’t like that.”

When asked if she had learned from her mistakes, the careless victim maturely accepted her blame for the day’s events. “It’s my fault. I should have just calmed down, ignored when he bared his teeth at me with that low snarling growl, and walked in there with confidence. I hear they can sense fear.” Levy continued, “I asked for this.”

Sources claim that the Rainford family has also learned a valuable lesson from the incident, with Claudia reportedly promising to keep a closer eye on her pet the next time she invites someone onto the premises, having already disciplined Carlo by calling him a “bad dog.”

At press time, Kalique Richards, a neighbour of the Rainford’s, could be heard apologising to the family for foolishly attempting to walk past their wide open gate and inviting Carlo’s latest unavoidable attack. “Sorry ma’am, I forgot to carry my stick today,” said Richards, fighting for his life.

“No worries” Claudia responded. “But try not to track that dog mess everywhere when you’re done please? Have some regard for the rest of us. Thanks.”