New Blog Post Changes Millions of Hearts, Minds on Hotly Debated Issue

As expected, a vital new blog post released earlier today addressing a divisive public issue was reportedly able to put an end to the eternal argument once and for all, finally silencing all opposing beliefs on the matter with the calm superiority of a writer who actually gets it.

“The truth is, what I have to say on this topic is simply the right opinion.” said blogger Shane Barnett, channeling the new outlook of everyone that has read the blog post to date. “When people began to recognize that, like I knew they would, they really took a long hard look at themselves and realized at last how wrong they all were.”

The post reportedly confirmed Barnett’s assumption that his writings have some sort of impact on the world around him, “not that that’s the point,” and rather than reinforce the strongly held positions of once-dissenting readers, successfully managed to frame the issue in a way that the general public had never really considered before.

One reader, whose world was reportedly turned upside down moments after beginning the game changing article, was prompted to share his new source on all things this issue in an attempt to let all his friends and colleagues know that his lifelong convictions had been completely reversed by a blog.

“The facts speak for themselves now” said Corey Lee-Clarke, a person who used to pride himself on rejecting the point of view which he has now embraced through the enlightening new blog post. “Usually I would just ignore articles that don’t reaffirm all the things I believe in, or hate-read them so I can remember why I don’t agree with their stance in the first place, but this… this is different. I learned something today.”

After entering the conversation and changing the landscape of the debate altogether, Barnett, a voice of clarity in a world of confusion and differing standpoints, shared with UGS how he plans to put his talent for making people see things his way to further good use.

“With the universal language of course,” he sagely confided. “Poetry.”