Intern Handed Career Defining Opportunity to Place File in Nearby Drawer

KINGSTON – Unable to conceal his excitement over what could be the first major turning point in his professional life, local investment banking intern Kyle Montgomery, 21, has reportedly been entrusted with safely and accurately documenting a company file in that drawer over there.

Montgomery, who is believed to have set his sights on one day managing the branch, has shared with UGS that he plans to achieve his dream by facing tasks like this head on, having his capabilities recognized by his superiors, and then being promoted up the corporate ladder where he will reap the rewards of a well deserved salary.

Sources say that he has gratefully taken the opportunity “with both hands” in order to make his first inroad at the organization and finally begin putting his degree to good use.

“After 3 weeks of putting letters in envelopes, and also sealing them, I was beginning to wonder if I hit a dead end,” admitted the rising star at the Caribbean Commercial Bank (CCB) Liguanea branch while deftly sorting through their infamously tough to maneuver S cabinet. “But now, who knows where this will take me?”

Continued Montgomery, “It’s like my boss always says, ‘those documents won’t file themselves, Kevin.”

The importance of the ambitious intern’s new task cannot be overstated, experts say, as CCB employees’ ability to locate this file in the future rests in the hands of the young man who they sometimes forget works there, but has reportedly made a name for himself by collecting the lunch orders when it is his turn to do so.

“Sometimes interns put insurance documents where the credit card ones are supposed to go, but not Karl.” said Margaret Holding, the branch manager of 5 years and visionary responsible for giving Montgomery his first real chance to prove himself to the bank. “He’s a bright young man, but he just needed a push in the right direction.”

Holding later added, “Karl, right? I’m sure it’s Karl.”

At press time, sources confirmed that Montgomery braced himself for his next big break as Holding could be heard expressing dissatisfaction with the layout of the brochures in the customer waiting area.