Warmington Finally Addresses Critics, General Public with Release of Hotly Anticipated Diss Record

KINGSTON – Realising that he may not have gone far enough in his previous attempts to silence the haters and “f***boys” who continue to offer criticisms regarding his public behaviour and governance, beleaguered Opposition MP Everald Warmington has reportedly stepped into the booth to deliver a “fire” diss track which promises to “[lyrically] murder anyone that wants to step to the god and [lyrically] lose their lives.”

Titled “Straight Outta [Expletives] to Give,” the searing diss record has been touted by Warmington’s aides as the perfect answer to the journalists and citizens alike who have insisted on persecuting him with statements such as “please stop hitting me” and “I don’t think the middle finger is appropriate.”

The scathing track finds the South Central St. Catherine MP advising all journalists to keep his name out their mouths if they know what’s good for them with lyrical bombs like “Mi put the War inna Warmington/ Don’t make me burn [all of the media’s] bodies down at Riverton,” and “I will literally kill you. Believe that.”

Sources confirm that Warmington aka The WarringDon aka The Trump of the Tropics later advised, while pointing to his “strap,” that this was just a warm up as he has “more in the chamber” for whoever wants it with him.

At press time, after several members of the ethered public reportedly requested an apology for the incendiary remarks laid down on wax by the parliamentarian, Warmington responded by reminding all “punk bitches” that his official position remains, as it always will, to “apologize to [these] nuts.”