Work Acquaintance Wants You to Know He’s Free on Your Wedding Day

KINGSTON – Repeating an assurance that you pretended not to hear on any of the previous occasions that he brought it up, Chris from Accounting has reportedly advised you once again that he managed to “pull some strings” after all and clear up his schedule so as not to be the friend that doesn’t show up on your wedding day.

Chris, who sources confirm is a guy at work who you are cool with, had reportedly been identified as a potential source of anxiety months earlier when he asked whether black tie optional meant he should spring for the black tie or just keep it simple. But reports indicate that your mother’s late night reminder to invite Mrs. Sawyers from church immediately took precedence over those concerns.  

“I know it must be hectic making sure everything runs right on the big day,” said Chris during one of the suspiciously frequent times you’ve ran into him in the break room this week. “So I just thought I’d let you know from now that I’m a vegetarian.”

“Wait.” he said as the realization suddenly hit him. “Shouldn’t you have sent out the save-the-date by now?”

Reports indicate that Chris later thanked you for taking his fear of flying into consideration in deciding not to go with a destination wedding.  

“I mean, can you imagine if I couldn’t turn up?” he continued. “Who would deliver my toast?”

At press time, as you deliberated over the ordeal with one of your friends, UGS understands that they cut you short to ask how come the bridal party hadn’t been selected yet.