Facebook Friend Officially Over All the Drama

FLORIDA – Publicly putting an end to a yet unknown chain of “unbelievable” events, your Facebook friend Cindy Michaels recently updated her status to reveal to the world that she is now officially “Done. Just done,” and reportedly for real this time.

Reviews of Michaels’ homepage later confirmed that she has been intermittently reporting on a vague series of conflicts which she “[doesn’t] want to talk about” surrounding her boyfriend, or maybe her mother this time, with the most recent incident seemingly representing the last straw.

“Don’t make someone a priority if [you’re] only an option to them,” she continued in the comments under her last post about this ever. “So NOW you want to text me? Hahahahahaa #overit.”

The 25-year-old has so far received middling support for her decision to end whatever it is that’s going on in her life, but Michaels went on to declare that her frequent and ostensibly heated posts simply serve as evidence as to how truly unbothered she is about the whole situation or anyone’s opinion on it for that matter.

A friend’s subsequent inquiry about the problem later provoked Michaels to add another amendment to the status reminding all readers that it’s none of their business, she has no interest in elaborating, and “once again,” she pities anyone who thinks they can affect her mood or actions in any way.

“And that goes double for you.” she added, throwing in some of those blushing close-eyed smiling emojis for good measure. “Yeah you. You know yourself.”