Corporate Twitter Account Pretty Selective With Its Replies

After cracking a few jokes about the Drake and Meek Mill feud and “clowning” on some other cultural touchstones earlier this week on Twitter, corporate account @SalesInc grew noticeably withdrawn as its mentions became filled with complaints and troubleshooting requests which customers claim have yet to be addressed in any meaningful way.

Upon further investigation into the account’s timeline, it was revealed that while some queries did receive earnest responses indicating a willingness to help in “any way [they] can,” all subsequent tweets on the issues were summarily ignored except for in cases where the customer was able to solve it themselves.

“Twitter gives us the opportunity to interact with our customers in a real way in real time, and we think that’s pretty wavy.” said a Sales Inc. spokesperson with extensive training in speaking to clients in “their language.”

“Lmfaooo. We’re not throwing shade when we say we’re the most on fleek corporate twitter personality there is. It’s really real out here in these tweets #100 #backtoback.”

As the company continued to dodge all tweets directly related to the numerous problems inherent to their brand, the account hilariously replied to a beleaguered celebrity with a tweet suggesting that their product might be just what they need to get through this difficult time.

At press time, having blurred the line between commodity and human being beyond recognition by riding the wave of popular memes and hashtags into the subconscious of their target demographic, our corporate overlords replied to all of their frustrated customers by tweeting “block me back yo.”