Vox Pop: What Would it Take for You to Change Your Party Allegiance?


The Jamaican people have long been accused of putting their lifelong political party allegiances above all else in the voting booth, so UGS took to the streets with one simple question – What would it take for you to vote for the other party?


J2 edit

If I switch sides I have to give up my first-born. I took an oath.





Maybe if you changed the names on the boxes really fast and I didn’t realize til after?




J3 edit

A system that doesn’t give immediate and exclusive short-term but guaranteed benefits to those that vote along party lines and a history of violent repercussions for standing up to tribal politics. Or a shot at love with Lisa Hannah. I love you Lise.




I’m voting for the National Democratic Movement so I’m not a part of the political process.




J5 edit

We making a deal here? That goin’ cost you. We’ll talk off the air.