Cup of Codeine Snubbed at Grammys


Overlooked once again at this year’s Grammy Awards, the prolific Styrofoam Cup Full of Codeine released a freestyle today revealing anger and frustration in its signature style of the mumbled, heavily auto-tuned lyrics that “birthed these niggas.”

“[Expletive] y’all, I invented this [expletive we think].” garbled Styrofoam Cup Full of a Codeine and Promethazine Mixture aka Lean aka Sizzurp aka Dirty Sprite aka Purple Drank aka SCFoaCaPM on the mostly gibberish recording. “Caamee wheejugsr donaay wer hol’up ldfohoohbabyooooh. Sound familiar?”

The song was followed by a slew of tweets from SCFoaCPM’s twitter account, arguing that since its emergence in mainstream music via Lil Wayne’s bloodstream, Codeine has consistently inspired his collaborators to make widely acclaimed music about using Codeine.

When one follower asked about rumoured adverse effects on the lives of its collaborators, Lean was defiant, responding in all caps. “DO YOU WANT SLURRED AND INDECIPHERABLE BANGERS OR NOT?” wrote the substance, vying for its place in history alongside recognized contemporaries Kush, Dope, and Henny. “R.I.P Pimp C.”

At press time, Future asked whether it seemed like his cup of codeine was releasing statements to the public today or if it was just him.