Low Down, Dirty, Two-Timing Best Friend Has Other Best Friend

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KINGSTON – Troubling new reports have surfaced today confirming that Craig Jackson, closest friend in the world to one Jordan Daley, or so Jordan thought, has at least one other “best” friend who isn’t even his new girlfriend or anything.

“This is stupid. We’re mature adults.” says Daley, who went on to state that although he did feel a little “blindsided” by the discovery, it really wasn’t a big deal to him at all. “He didn’t have to go behind my back about it, but it’s whatever. It’s not weird.”

Daley went on to let everyone know that he didn’t care if his longtime friend and University roommate Craig, affectionately known as “Craven Craig” after that thing he did with that girl in second year, wanted to share their inside jokes with other people, adding that it wouldn’t make a single difference to him either way.

“Maybe he’s even closer to them than me. That’s cool.” continued Daley. “People find new best friends every day.”

Sources indicate that Daley was momentarily at a loss for words when he heard someone else call Jackson “Craven Craig”, but quickly regained composure.

“At least now he’ll have someone else to burden with all his girl problems.” says Daley. “That’s what multiple best friends are for.”

At press time, Daley assured concerned friends and family that he had “like a million” other best friends he’d rather be spending his time with anyway.