Soulmate Not Looking to Settle Down Right Now

Portrait of happy coupleMANDEVILLE – In a cruel twist of fate months after the universe gifted you the love of your life; the ying to your yang; the person you want to grow old with; The One – inside sources confirmed that a relationship really isn’t on the cards for you two, sorry.

“I’m not looking for that right now,” says the person who restored your belief in true love. “We spoke about this.”

The news comes at a time when you already called your parents and informed them that you found the person you were ready to spend the rest of your life with, and puts the future existence of your two beautiful children, Kyle and Ariana, in serious doubt.

“It’s not happening,” continued the reason you wake up every morning, before wondering aloud if maybe it was time that you both moved on.

Despite the fact that you were meant to be, and life is supposedly unfolding as it should, eyewitness reports suggest that your other half became extremely uncomfortable and filled with dread when you admitted that you were starting to “feel something real,” which you knew in your heart was mutual.

“Yeah… this isn’t fun anymore. It’s over.”

At press time, UGS understands that you hung on to the tiniest glimmer of hope after hearing that maybe things could work out “if we cross paths again one day.”