Trump Needed Now More than Ever


Ask yourself this question America, how far are we willing to let this go? Look at what we’ve become. We all watch the news – mothers murder their unborn babies in the street, police attacked for doing their jobs, Barack Obama – but this? This is different. This is the beginning of the end, folks. We can’t deny it any longer.

Consider the facts: in the next couple of years we won’t even be able to recognize this country anymore. Say you want to go outside and, I dunno, pray to your God – your Christian God. Tough luck. Try explaining to your children why there’s no churches anymore, why there is no God, OR WHY THERE’S A BLACK WOMAN ON THE TWENTY DOLLAR BILL

Is that the kind of world you want to live in? Well open your eyes my friends, ‘cause you’re living it.

While we stand idly by, distracted by clowns and con-artists like Sanders and Clinton, disarmed by the government, bending over backwards for the liberal agenda, a storm is brewing. We’re asleep at the border, people, and pretty soon we’re gonna let something in that we can’t let out again. Maybe we already have.

I want you to take a long hard look at that 20 dollar bill. Really look at it. Then ask yourself, is this the country our forefathers fought for? That our forefathers died for? It sure doesn’t look like it.

We’re at war America, but we can win. We can make this country great again.

Trump 2016.