KFC Introduces All-New Bucket of Oil Deal


Offering the limited-time deal as part of a new Oily Oil combo, fast food giant KFC has announced that they will now be providing their valued customers with a range of quick and convenient options to transfer the beloved chicken flavoured oil directly into your bloodstream.

“You know you want it,” said KFC marketing manager Nadine Prendergast at the product’s launch last Thursday, marking a new effort to be honest with ourselves about the viscous goodness that goes into every meal. “So let’s just cut to the chase.”

The oil, which is also available as a dipping sauce or milkshake, will be served hot, cold or straight from the bottle, offered standard with complimentary fry-grease, and infused with KFC’s signature 11 secret herbs and spices.  

“We looked around one day and we asked ourselves, how can we get more oil in our oil? Then it hit us – cut out the middle man,” explained Prendergast before officiating the restaurant chain’s oil chugging promotional competition.

“Trust us when we say It’s Finger Lick- hold on. Where’s the oil on this chicken? Where’s the oil?! I better see my [expletive] reflection in that wing when you done with it.”

At press time, Prendergast revealed plans to fend off competition from Pizza Hut’s new Oil & Cheese deal by offering a 10 oz side of salt with each Oily Oil purchase, or a diet 5 oz option for the health conscious consumer.