BREAKING: Carefully Labelled Container of Food Now on Different Shelf in Fridge

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KINGSTON – Investigators were called to the scene late last night at the Thompson’s residence when it was discovered that a painstakingly labelled container of food – which was deliberately hidden behind some produce to remain out of the public eye – was suspiciously moved to a more prominent position in an entirely new section of the refrigerator.

According to sources, Akeem Thompson, 23, owner of said enticing meal, realized something had gone horribly wrong when he first opened the fridge and noticed the container on which he wrote his “first and last” name, in a different location. His worst fears were confirmed when he subsequently found proof of tampering, at which point Thompson immediately called the authorities

“We don’t want to jump to any conclusions here,” said lead investigator Pernel Bailey as he dusted the box lunch special for prints. “But this doesn’t look good.”

As information on the possible hit and run develops, all the police can confirm is that the container is definitely not where Thompson left it, an effort was made to reseal the lunch without drawing any suspicion, and, perhaps most damningly, the box lunch felt lighter than Thompson remembered.

“What kind of a sick person would stoop so low?” asked the traumatized Thompson on his knees to the skies above, fighting back the tears. “Why me?!”

At press time, Thompson’s older brother was taken in for questioning.