Attorney General Mourns Tragic Display of Basic Human Decency

Malahoo Forte

Describing the rainbow flag flown at half mast by the US embassy as “the real tragedy,” Attorney General Malahoo Forte has expressed her solidarity with the sections of the Jamaican legal system currently under attack by the United States.

“Today we are forced to reflect on the senseless loss of respect to our nation’s statutes and regulations,” said Malahoo Forte in categorical disapproval of the horrific flag-related events of the last few days. “The buggery law needs us now more than ever.”

Recognizing that the flag is actually being flown on US soil according to the Vienna Convention, Malahoo added that rainbow coloured acts of compassion can be disrespectful to our laws from anywhere in the world.

“Look at it –  waving at our country like a Sig Sauer MCX carbine assault rifle pointed at 49 innocent LGBTQ people in a nightclub. Hope Road used to be a safe space – not anymore.”  

Forte later added that the surviving laws were still a little shaken up by the thoughts and prayers going from Jamaican soil to the Orlando victims.