Ananda Alert Issued for Local University Student Ahead of Group Presentation

College kidKINGSTON – An Ananda Alert has been activated for 19-year-old Leighton Ellis-White of class MS32C, group B, who reportedly better be missing since he still hasn’t sent in his part of the group project and continues to read the messages in the chat without responding.

Group members of the missing teen would like to remind Mr. Ellis-White that prof said there is a participation grade for this, and he will definitely be receiving a zero unless he got kidnapped or something horrible like that and is able to provide certifiable proof.

Ellis-White is of dark complexion, medium build, and about five-foot-ten-inches tall with brown eyes that get really shifty if you ask when he’ll be available to run through the presentation like he promised he would do about a week ago.

Reports from the Jamaica Constabulary Force in the St. Andrew area indicate that a man resembling Ellis-White was seen at several different bars on Saturday night, where witnesses claim he was in possession of a working cellular phone and provided visual confirmation that he was capable of using it to communicate with people who might have a presentation they need to be ready for within the next 36 hours if that means anything to him.

The police are now appealing to anyone knowing the whereabouts of Mr. Ellis-White to contact the Ananda Alert hotline or group leader Sherika McKenzie, 18, but reminded the public that he’ll probably resurface on presentation day just in time to add his name to the project like he always does.